HealthTech Sciences is a Norwegian R&D company, and the company behind the international clinic group; Health Optimizing. The first clinic and research centre was founded in 2003 in Bergen. Several years prior to that, the founder of the company began his mission to develop a new health paradigm. During this period he was involved with many research teams and institutes worldwide. This led to the collaborative creation of a new medical discipline of technology-based medicine, with a holistic approach to resolving causations and optimizing every aspect of health. In addition to developing clinics utilizing a combination of professional technologies, we have also developed a portable device for personal treatment. This device is currently undergoing clinical trials, and is due for launch in the last quarter of 2016. Additionally, for more than a decade our research team has extensively tested different methodologies, health device prototypes and retail products. This has led to working with manufacturers to improve their products, as well as establishing which solutions are the most effective on the market.
See for basic information about Health Optimizing. The mother clinic is in the heart of the UNESCO Heritage City of Bergen. There we have an MD-led team of specially trained therapists, all working according to the unique Health Optimizing methodology.

The web-shop has our research-based recommendations for personal health products that demonstrate significant health benefits. The web-shop is based in Norway, with shipping available worldwide for most products. Some products are also stocked in locally based Health Optimizing clinics / web-shops.

We are hiring:
We are hiring medical doctors, nurses and therapists. Click here for information.